Chromatography products

Chromatography products

Zetadex, dextran-based solid phase


Desalting and buffer exchange products

Our diverse range of columns and plates can be used to process sample volumes of 2 µL – 100 ml. They are specially designed for the rapid and efficient separation of small molecules (dyes, salts, biotin, haptens, etc.) from larger proteins, nucleic acids, or nanoparticles. These are simultaneously purified and desalted or buffer exchanged in a single step.

Ultrapure gel and specially treated sinter frits ensure outstanding resolution, low cross-contamination, and high selectivity.

Currently two grades of Zetadex are available for use in the CentriPure product line: Zetadex-25 and Zetadex-50. These have distinct separation characteristics due to their different degrees of cross-linking.

  • Zetadex-25 size exclusion or molecular weight cut-off (MWCO): 5 kD for proteins and 10 bases for nucleic acids.
  • Zetadex-50 size exclusion or molecular weight cut-off (MWCO): 25 kD for proteins and 20 bases for nucleic acids.

Downstream purification processes

Zetarose/ZetaCell, agarose solid phase

SMART Chromatography™

SMART Chromatography™ removes the bottleneck in your downstream process: it allows the purification of biomolecules directly from the bioreactor without first having to clarify the feed stream.

– linear scalability
– significantly reduces costs and processing time
– can be used for various cell systems


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